Roberta Quarta_11062014_CY

While rehearsing yesterday in the place of the performance, a bride with her husband arrived. The couple sat on the big trunk of a tree lying near the destroyed house and a photographer took some pictures.

It’s really weird. Why does a couple take photos at its wedding days, near a destroyed house?

I don’t know. But there can be many stories behind…

After days I can understand a little more  how to be accustomed  to this situation, how to conduct a normal life. Political strategies and strategies of survival.

Yesterday Petya arrived.

Keep strong. Don’t be afraid.

jean baptiste hamado_12062014_CY

Just be me,
a body, a story, a lived
Me, the flips-Titan reinventing a future where we would retake our power
shaping of my brown hands element 5 of nature.
Me, the immigrated one back to the wall knocking on doors of Europe
and  me once again the eyes of the walking man cane in hand.
No fireworks, no detour, just be, be here
fragile and vulnerable face to the immensity of the world
and yet I tell, to be reborn,
to break one by one all the walls between me and myself
to take by the hand the gift that you give the theater
to stop to look like, to be finalyprometeo

Yianna Georgiadou_10062014_CY

Today we tried to build the structure of our play, to fix any problems we have with our actions and the songs we have to sing. We presented our actions to the rest of the group in the order that we are going to perform so we can clarify some things. Omar really takes care of me, he tries not to push me and hurt, since the fall of the previous day especially. I think we make a good team with Omar and Roberta also.  Continua a leggere

Yianna Georgiadou_08062014_CY

Today we’ve been asked about the connection between our myth, the history of the island and our memories; sounds like an easy task but practically is not. There’s lot to think to get to the final answer. Fabbio changed my partner today, now I work with Roberta and Omar who work at the same myth as I. Continua a leggere

Yianna Georgiadou_07062014_CY

It’s time to work even more with our stories. I have some problems with my action of my myth: I am still trying to find the intention in my action, it is still external and mechanical and I also criticize it, which of course is a problem in our work. Antonio helps me a lot with the rhythm, the feeling of each part. At the singing part we’ve been separated in smaller groups so we can work in lyrics mostly- there’s still a song that tricks me.

Yianna Georgiadou_05062014_CY

Today was action day; we worked more with the actions which created by our stories the previous days. We were separated in some group and each member of the group had to work individually for its part and if it was necessary to help any other member of its group with its own activity. All this work happens at the same time and it is beautiful to see the big room in move! At the end, each one of us presented its action to the others and had some corrections by Mr. Fabio. Continua a leggere

Yianna Georgiadou_03062014_CY

Today after our warm-up we have been asked about the main action in our myth- My myth is Narcissus and Echo and my action was “to hunt your lover”. As soon as we all answered, we got fifteen minutes to prepare a simple action that describes our sentence and later on we presented it one by one and got notices to consider for the next level of our work. In the afternoon, Ellada Evagellou came to our workshop and we have a discussion about conflict and Walls- in Cyprus, in the countries of our colleagues and to other countries. There’s lot to be said and also to be done, that’s for sure. Ellada told us also about an event on the 5th of June that we are going to attend, part of the project, a stage reading of plays in Greek and Turkish.  At the moment I am little confused on how our stories will develop.

Vero Voyer_03-04-05062014_CY

Day 3 : Notes from an afternoon

A flow of information, a feeling of saturation somewhere between the physical, the mental, and the emotional… Anyhow, still have to reach a certain level of concentration. Attention! Discovering the walls that are present in the political situation and the history of many countries was the themes today. We approach the case of Burkina Faso, Palestine as participants were telling the story of their country. Continua a leggere

Vero Voyer_10062014_CY

Everyday is not the same. Anyhow, work must be done. I was overwhelmed this morning. It slowly fades away through the day. I had chronicle pain since I’ve been hit by a bus. It is a physical roller coaster to go through the day, a situation I have to deal with for the past two years. It is not the first time I have to work in bad condition. Continua a leggere

jean baptiste hamado_08062014_CY

take an algorithm
not install the daily
go deep
More than one week after the body between
in full knowledge of the organisation a work day.
Fight against the normal
find the path between the micro and macro history.
Get off at the bottom to fill contemplate the horizon.
I am part of the world
I will testify with my story to the History.

Antonio J. Ramos_10062014_CY

Say, know, understand, open, laugh, work together, meet, fight, change, mourn, be joined together. I think this experience in Cyprus has changed us all. I think theater has opened a way of communication, love, brotherhood and humanity among us, who only art is capable of doing. Sincerity, honesty, respect, are tools of the actor’s work during these almost fifteen days, accompanied us. Metamorphosis is life, and life is constantly changing.

Vero Voyer_09062014_CY

Only 10 minutes left! Now that I have localizated the « Caravaggio », now that my fresh pomegrenate juice is on the table, I evaluate how long I can enjoy the sun; 10 min. For a moment, the meaning of the myth is somewhere else in my mind, in a little cupboard. I want to see, to taste, to feel Cyprus, I want to grab as much of it as I can, just like the Jasmine perfume in Oya’s garden. Continua a leggere

Roberta Quarta_09062014_CY

As a final part of the day we went back to the destroyed house where we will perform.

There is the wall in front of the house and you can face the other side of Nicosia, on a skyline occupied by the barbed wire, on the top of the wall.

We tried some movements, played some songs, tried to find some contact, some feeling. What is the ‘genius loci’? Continua a leggere

Antonio Ramos_09062014_CY

Moving bodies that say things that nobody wants to hear, voices singing fragrance of people who sing sadness and beauty of life. Things that seem small but are very great, like a smile when a child looks at you. Words spoken in a place where you forget, such as houses, objects, lives. Continua a leggere

Francesca Greco_09062014_CY

Violence is a deformed face.

Remove the form, deprive someone of his face is something horrible, that sign his soul. Is very difficult to think that we can continue to be alive after a violence. Is impossible. We want die.

But when we come back to believe we prove that the beauty can’t be destroy. Continua a leggere